Fixing a crooked window

Recently I noticed an air-whooshing noise coming from the driver’s side front window on my Suzuki Swift. It only seemed to happen at about 70 km/h or faster, so I had a look and sure enough, there was a gap that wasn’t there before!

1- Removing the door skin cover on a Suzuki swift

Notice the gap?

This worried me because window repairs can be expensive and I assumed the worst. I expected one of the mechanical parts inside the door had broken or warped.

So, I put the car in the garage, cued the A-Team music, and took the door cover off. I created instructions below how you can remove the door cover too if you ever need to.

8 - Removing the door skin cover on a Suzuki swift

Don’t be scared, it’s actually really easy.

Start by unscrewing the screw in the handle of the door latch, and the screw inside the plastic pocket you pull the door closed with.

Next, remove the two plastic clips on each end of the door cover. The one closer to the lock needs to be pushed in with a screwdriver, then the whole thing will pop out. The one closer to the door hinge however needs a little more attention.

8 - Removing the door skin cover on a Suzuki swift

Use an appropriately sized Phillips screwdriver and turn anti-clockwise.

Don’t put too much pressure on the above “screw” because it’ll just stay in the door. It’s pretty brittle, so don’t be too rough with it.

8 - Removing the door skin cover on a Suzuki swift

Remove the door tweeter by simply pulling it outwards.

Next, remove the door “tweeter” speaker by pulling it towards you and then slightly upwards to move it away from the door. It doesn’t need to be completely disconnected and it’s only held in by clips so you don’t need any special tools.

Removing the door skin cover on a Suzuki swift

Go around the edge pulling the door cover towards you.

With the two screws removed, the two plastic plugs removed, and the tweeter unclipped from the door frame, go around the edge of the door cover pulling it towards you. It will “click” as each of the plastic plugs holding it in come out. Don’t worry, they’re not broken; they’re designed to be reusable and will be clipped back in place.

Removing the door skin cover on a Suzuki swift

Lift the door panel up and over the lip on the window sill.

Now that the panel is loose, lift it up and over the lip on the windowsill as shown above.

Removing the door skin cover on a Suzuki swift

Unclip these two cables.

There will be two cables stopping the door skin from coming off, so unplug them. It can be a little tricky to do it with one hand, but you’ll get there.

Removing the door skin cover on a Suzuki swift

Gently remove this plastic film. Don’t break it.

Next, remove the plastic film covering the door. It’s not very strong so take your time. It is resealable and you’ll need to be able to put this back eventually. It will also want to stick to itself a lot so you’ll need patience!

Removing the door skin cover on a Suzuki swift


Now that the door cover was off, I was able to get a closer look at the inner workings of the electric window. Interestingly however, while I was taking the door cover off, two screws fell out…

Removing the door skin cover on a Suzuki swift

Where did these come from?

The fact that screws fell out when I removed the door cover made me question if my window gap was actually caused by something quite straightforward.

Removing the door skin cover on a Suzuki swift

I connected the door controls back up and moved the window.

I removed the window/lock controls from the door panel (it’s only held in by a few screws) and connected it up to the electric window wires so I could watch what happens when I raise and lower the window. This is when I noticed something wasn’t right.

Removing the door skin cover on a Suzuki swift

Door cam: a shot from inside the door.

I put the camera inside the door and took the above photo. I immediately noticed that there are two screw holes in the door, and two screw holes in the cog mechanism that isn’t connected to the door. Surely this thing should be affixed to the door?

Removing the door skin cover on a Suzuki swift

I put the two screws back into their holes.

I pushed the cog towards the door and installed the two screws which fell out back into those two holes. I tightened them both up and tested the window.

Removing the door skin cover on a Suzuki swift

Wow. That was too easy.

You wouldn’t believe it: that was the problem!

I guess (like my radiator) it was another case of bumpy and broken Slovak roads making my poor car fall apart! Let’s hope that my misfortune helps you somehow if your Suzuki Swift has the same problem.

Drive safe, everyone. :)

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8 thoughts on “Fixing a crooked window

  1. I am trying to get the side camera to come on when I turn and off when the signals are off. Right now the camera flashes when I turn because I have connected to the power supply after the flasher. Is there a way to fix it. I do not want to tear the car apart to find the flasher wiring.

  2. wanted to ask if there is chance you tell me the connection in the back of the suzuki swift car radio (what is each connector)
    model panasonic pa68la

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing this tutorial and photos.

    It helped me fixing my electric window switch which had fallen inside the door after pressing it too hard on my Suzuki Alto that gets almost the same door.

    It seems that there are not so many Suzuki on the planet (anyway on the internet)
    so such material is precious and even if it takes time to upload the pics and write the text, you made the effort of doing it for others.

    Thanks a lot.

  4. Man u are freakin genius! That’s exactly what happened to my swift’s windows, i found exactly same screws, everything was the same! It seems that we have even the same roads as u here in Poland, greetings!

  5. Brilliant! After putting up with the wind noise for a long time, I found this page, followed the instructions and sure enough 2 screws fell on the floor as i took the plastic film off. Being a UK right hand drive, it was the right hand door but I soon worked it out. The 2 electrical connectors were an absolute bugger to separate and the window had to be about one third raised so I could jiggle the metal plate into the correct postion to get the screws back in.
    Thanks so much!

  6. UK suzuki here. Exactly the problem I had, two screws as expected. I had a much larger gap too. I would suggest to tighten all of the screws in that general area too as there was another screw that was loose. I have heard rattling on the passenger side now and then so I think I will investigate that side sometime too.
    Many thanks for posting this.

  7. So yeah there was one loose screw on the passenger side and one very loose screw. It was quite tough trying to disconnect the window switch,. I ended up having to take the switch out instead, there are some black tabs you can press on and it would come free.

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