This is what I need before I go car shopping.

First of all, I’ve got to arrange some money before I can buy the car I want.

The problem is, I really hate car loans. They suck. You end up paying craploads more than you want to pay, and then you have a loan – like a big knife – hanging over your head for three years or so.

Unfortunately I don’t have €5000 in cash, just sitting around the house. I had an awesome summer holiday and used most of my savings touring Europe.

So, I would like to save around 30% to 40% (between €1500 and €2000) and then get a small loan for the rest of the money. I might even find a good condition Swift for less than five thousand euro, which would be even better.

Problem is, I would really like to get a Swift before April when my current car has its next safety and emissions inspection. That’s a lot of money needed in a short time.

Stay tuned for my saving, buying, and loaning progress…

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  1. gavin your pictures and instructions are fantastic. I had visited your site 2 yrs back. Today whilst hunting for steering spares i stumled upon it. You are truelly a guru of the SWIFT

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