How to remove the CD player / stereo from a Suzuki Swift

I wanted to install my subwoofer into my 2006 Suzuki Swift but it has quite a clean dashboard with no obvious signs of how to remove the stereo.

Slovenské Suzuki Swift - na Slovenskú.

Its clean lines means there’s no obvious way to get it out.

I tried having a look on the Internet but there was no useful guides available, so I figured it out and took photos along the way to show you how to remove the CD player yourself, without problems.

If you want to see something closer, just click on the photo and view it full size.

How to remove the stereo from a ZC11S 2006 Suzuki Swift and install a subwoofer - 2 Slovenské Suzuki Swift - na Slovenskú.

Open the glovebox right up.

The first step is to open the glove box. It has two rubber stoppers on each side which keep the glove box only a few inches open. You need to push those towards eachother so that the glove box can open all the way and hang down towards the floor.


How to remove the stereo from a ZC11S 2006 Suzuki Swift and install a subwoofer - 3 Slovenské Suzuki Swift - na Slovenskú.

The glove box has removable hinge-clips.

Once all the way open, simply unclip the hinges at the base and put the glove compartment somewhere safe. Easy so far, right?

How to remove the stereo from a ZC11S 2006 Suzuki Swift and install a subwoofer - 4 Slovenské Suzuki Swift - na Slovenskú.

This is one of two bolts holding the stereo in place.

With the glove box completely removed, you now have reasonably easy access to a bolt that holds the stereo in place. It is circled in the above picture. Undo it with either a large philips screwdriver, or a 10 mm spanner.

How to remove the radio CD player from a ZC11S 2006 Suzuki Swift and install a subwoofer - 5 Slovenské Suzuki Swift - na Slovenskú.

Now we move over to the driver’s side.

Now move over to the driver’s side, and remove the plastic panel below the steering wheel. It uses no screws, only clips, so it’s quick and easy to remove. Just pull it towards the driver’s seat and it will pop out.

How to remove the stereo from a ZC11S 2006 Suzuki Swift and install a subwoofer - 6 Slovenské Suzuki Swift - na Slovenskú.

This is the hard part.

With the plastic panel removed, you now have (well, sort of) access to the another bolt on the other side of the radio head unit which is circled in the above photo.

It’s quite a hassle to get to this bolt, so just take your time and undo it one turn at a time. It helps if you’re nimble and thin. If not, then you get a free body workout reaching the darn thing.

How to remove the stereo from a ZC11S 2006 Suzuki Swift and install a subwoofer - 7 Stereo Head Unit Radio CD player removes easily. Slovenské Suzuki Swift - na Slovenskú.

Almost there.

With the two bolts undone, there’s only a series of clips holding the stereo unit in place. Take a thin flat-head screwdriver and pry the unit out from underneath. It will seem like there’s still something holding it in, but don’t worry, it will come out if you work your way around the edges prying it out.

The stereo is out. Easy to remove after all. Slovenské Suzuki Swift - na Slovenskú.

Hey presto!

As you can see in the above photo, there are 3 clips on the top of the unit, and a clip on each side too. There is enough cable for the stereo to come out, however it’s often bundled up in a loop with a white zip-tie. Release or cut this zip tie through the glove box space and you’ll instantly have another foot of cable length.

The back of the factory standard Suzuki Swift head unit. Single Din size, not double din. Slovenské Suzuki Swift - na Slovenskú. Na vzadu.

Lots of space in there.

Looking at the back of the stereo shows a fair amount of empty space in there, despite the large double-din sized front.

Which colour is which. Slovenské Suzuki Swift - na Slovenskú. kabelovy farby.

These four pairs of twisted wires are for the speakers.

This is the plug which goes into the back of the head unit. The socket next to it is unused and I’m not sure what it’s for. As for the four pairs of twisted wires in the photo above, each pair goes directly to each speaker. I worked out the colour code for you:





Slovenské Suzuki Swift - na Slovenskú.

The remaining wires proved quite a challenge to determine.

The remaining wires were much harder to figure out. Some were always powered up when the stereo was going, others seemed to do nothing. Here’s what I could figure out:




YELLOW = PARK LIGHTS / HEADLIGHTS DIM (has 12 volts only when Illumination Cancel button is pressed, to keep the dashboard lights at full brightness)


PURPLE = UNKNOWN (maybe steering wheel controls)

BLACK WITH YELLOW STRIPE = UNKNOWN (no power detected at any time)

BLUE WITH WHITE STRIPE = UNKNOWN (always seems to have 12 volt power)

If you have more luck, please leave some information in the comments. I expect the other cables are connected to the steering wheel mounted controls.

Slovenské Suzuki Swift - na Slovenskú. Amplifier. zosilňovač.

A nice and clean installation of a subwoofer & amplifier single unit.

I ran the cabling for the subwoofer underneath the plastic panels which clip on top of the sills of the car, down the driver’s side. I tapped into the main power input in the driver’s footwell and used a 10 amp fuse. The subwoofer is a little bigger than what I need (I have it turned down to minimum!)

Quick and easy disconnect plug in the back of the car. zosilňovač. Slovenské Suzuki Swift - na Slovenskú.

Installing a power & audio plug makes for quick & easy removal.

If you’re also installing an amplifier and subwoofer in your car, then I strongly recommend installing some kind of sockets in the back. This makes it super fast and easy to remove the subwoofer if you need to haul something in the back. Then when you’re done, it takes less than 5 seconds to put the speaker unit back in place and connect it up. No more unscrewing and de-wiring every time you want to use the boot / trunk.

A quick disconnect module makes it so fast. Slovenské Suzuki Swift - na Slovenskú.

It takes just five seconds to install or remove the amplifier/sub combo.

Consider installing a plug yourself if you’re planning on putting a sub/amp in the back of the car. It takes a bit longer to make the plug (I used the lid from a black can of spray-paint) but the end result is something to be proud of. It’s also a real time saver when you have to pick up something and need to move the speaker box out unexpectedly!

The versatile XLR 3 connector

The 3-pin plug and socket is called an XLR 3 (they also come in other pin configurations such as 5, and 7). The pins in the plug are:

1: Higher amperage constant 12 volts (I used a thicker 1mm² cable).

2: Accessories power (when the key is turned, the amplifier receives a signal through this wire and switches on).

3: Earth (wired securely to a nearby bolt, using a larger cable (same size as the higher amperage constant wire).

The 3.5 millimetre headphone jack is cabled to one of the rear door speakers. It taps into the existing left-rear door speaker wire. This means the amplifier only receives the left audio channel, but for bass this is not normally a problem.

While I had the stereo out I also decided to pre-wire some cabling for my box of tricks. It should allow my car to have a spoken audio warning when I drive somewhere without my headlights on (which is illegal in Slovakia). The box of tricks also has a Raspberry Pi installed, and will have GPS tracking. You’ll have to wait and see for that one however… :)

I hope this guide helps you in some way. Please feel free to share these photos if you wish.

You can use all images from this site, but please keep “” in the corner.

46 thoughts on “How to remove the CD player / stereo from a Suzuki Swift

  1. Gav. Looks like the input for the sub is stereo. Why only connect to the left channel? You may end up missing some output from the right side. Also, as a note, proper polarity is important for low frequency. To test for proper polarity, as most speakers are unmarked, connect a 1.5 volt momentarily to the speaker. When the cone moves away from the magnet end, the battery corresponds to the proper speaker polarity. HTH. Regards, Mate. Seth

  2. This is my first time putting in a system. I have a 2012 Swift, so for the slow ones who are probably going to blow their car and or themselves up could you please draw a diagram, please. It would be much appreciated. Also, I’m installing it tomorrow so…

  3. Complete wiring including positives and negatives which i didnt see in the article. Thanks for the post BTW.. saved me a LOT of trouble.. and yes the drivers side screw is a major PITA….. I suggest a really long socket extension.

    Front Left
    Pink +
    Blue –

    Front Right
    Yel+Red +
    Yel+Blk –

    Rear Left
    Lt Grn +
    Lt Grn+Blk –

    Rear Right
    Gry+Red +
    Gry –

  4. Thank you for the manual How to remove the CD player. I have the official manual but that was useless (remove the gearbox it says – LOL).

  5. thanks heaps mate. this was heaps helpful. You are a pioneer. I was to scared to even attempt it.
    Just thought i’d add a note of something else i worked out, that isnt listed.
    the solid green + the black and yellow wire are for your steering wheel controls. i used a multimeter to find the wires but this will save you the hassle, the head unit i installed just matched colour for colour on the wheel controls and it works perfectly.


  6. Thanks for the manual. Do you know if is possible just change the front panel of the radio? Mine is ruined. The letters on front are erased, but the radio works just fine, so i was thinking in change just the panel. Anybody knows if that is possible?
    My swift is 2007.

  7. Hi Gavin!
    I found this page becouse I have a 2011 swift and I want to make some mods. You have done many interesting posts.
    I want to install a subwoofer but I don’t know the pinout of my radio (Panasonic 3910-71LD0). As you show in this post, I should have an amplifier output in my radio, but I don’t know how to identify it. Can you help me please?

    Thanks you,


    • Hi Facundo,
      If your stereo does not have a subwoofer output plug, then you can just tap into the left and right stereo wires, and extend them down to the back of the car to your amplifier. You need to figure out what wire go to which speaker. To do this, I turn off the stereo, then I connect an old MP3 player to the wires that look like they are for speakers. I then go around to each speaker and listen for the faint music.
      I hope that helps. :)

  8. Hi!
    Can you explain me where I should plug the remote/rem cable from amp? It needs a signal to turn on/off the amp but Im kinda scared of disassembling whole ignition. Is there any possibility to plug it straight to the radio?

    Greets from Poland!

  9. Hello from Manila, Philippines!

    I was just able to find your site through google. I have a 2008 ZC21S and I recently did some A/C maintenance (last week actually). I have to say it was a complete pain since you’d have to remove the whole dash just to get the the A/C unit. I do have some pictures of that. I’m messaging you since I do have some questions regarding EUDM Swifts. Send me a message in my email as I also have a ton of information & ideas for our swifts from hours after hours of researching on the net. Good job on the radio, by the way!! ^_^

  10. Thanks a lot for posting very illustrative photos along with step-by-step instructions. Exactly what I was looking for. I’ll be following your splendid site.

  11. Hi Gavin, I’m putting in a sub woofer and using the connectors for ease of removal, as you suggested. Tapping into the rear speakers, was this easy to do by loosening the panel that holds the speaker? And as for power, did you tap into any specific 12V cable in the drivers footwell?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    • Hi John,
      Originally I tapped into the speaker wires close to the seat belt reel at the base of the door pillar. As for the power, I tapped into one of the chunky cables in the driver’s footwell which goes to the computer(?)/fusebox thing. I used a 15A fuse and then ran the cable to the back. I also ran the “signal” cable from the back of the stereo (most have them nowadays).
      With the new, fancy stereo I installed, it had its own dedicated subwoofer output, so a few months ago and removed the speaker connection by the door pillar and took a direct line from stereo to subwoofer plug.
      I hope that helps!

  12. Hi there…trying to wire up an accessory radio/cd player to my Suzuki swift 2006 1.3litre. Used wire colour scheme identifiers listed in to attach to equivalent wires in the accessory radio/cd player but no luck….no power when ignition on or even when motor running.Any hints as to what the issues would be… greatly appreciated.
    Oh my wiring assumptions are as follows:
    White/red = battery 12v
    Red/yellow = ignition 12v
    Black = earth
    Yellow/black and yellow/red = speaker
    Blue and blue/red = speaker
    Grey/black and grey/red = speaker
    Green/black and green/red = speaker

    Where have I screwed up??

  13. Hello there. Thanks for great post. I own a suzuki swift too! and in NZ!!. Can I ask you a question if you dun mind. I am trying to DIY a footwell light for my swift but I am having trouble locating the dome light wire underneath my steering wheel. Do you think you can help me with this? if can, I would really appreciate it! Thanks and hope one day I can share my stories with you too with my swift!

    • Hello fellow kiwi! I would love to help you find the dome light but I’m really not sure which wire is which. My only advice would be to get a power tester (like this: and try trial & error until you find it. Alternatively, take a wire all the way up to the light on the ceiling. Just remember to use a fuse in case you make a mistake. Better to have a burned out 20 cent fuse than a burning wire in your car. Good luck!

      • Thanks for the quick reply! awesome! I think I posted similar reply by accident. please ignore. Thank you and wish me luck!

  14. hellp, i need help please
    i have cd player, roof lamp, the bip that tells that the light is on or door is open are gone, i checked all fuses, r ok, pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz help
    Celerio 2011

    • Hi Saleh, your ceiling light and the door-is-open beeper have stopped working? It sounds like you have either blown a fuse somewhere, or maybe you have a loose connection (maybe you bumped a cable loose) somewhere inside the dashboard. Something obvious first though: check your door lamp hasn’t blown. It might simply be a blown bulb. Take your time, and check the bulb, then check all your connections and fuses again. Good luck!

  15. For all you guys that can’t figure it out. The accessory wire from your head unit connects to the blue and white wire on the swift. NOT the red and yellow one! I have an 05 swift :)

  16. Hi everybody. I my girlfriend has a new Suzuki Alto 2009 and this site looks the only “alive” pleace where to find infos… I just want to plug a Parrot ck3100 into the original radio…but I can’t figure the wiring connection…plus it doesn’t work with iso plugger (that I’d like to avoid for my stupid sense of self-esteem) is there anyone that can give me a little help? I already understood the loudspeakers wiring but mute cable and all the rest are still a big unsolved case to me. Tks in advance for your great great help.

  17. Hi I have a new 2015 Suzuki swift navigator GLX and can I fit a reversing camera to the audio unit in the dash???
    or do I just get a complete camera and display.

  18. I got an 06 swift VVT with keyless ignition (came that way second hand) and some steering wheel controls and want to replace the radio. Got myself a Pioneer MVH-X560BT radio and 2-din panel to replace it with. Just removed the car’s original radio and found that both connector bits were in use. I’m quite a novice at car modification so thought to ask here.

    How would I go about connecting up the new radio?

    Links below are picture of connectors of radio and back of new radio.
    Back of old radio:
    Old radio white connector front:
    Old radio white connector wires:

    Old radio blue connector wires:
    Old radio blue connector wires 2:
    Old radio blue connector front:

    New radio conversion cable:
    New radio back connections:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I really don’t like listening to pop radio :p

  19. Hi

    Great instructions. My 2010 swift has same radio with no aux. I want to use iphone input for music. Does the stereo have input for RCA to aux cable at the back?





    BLUE WITH WHITE STRIPE = ACC POWER (12 volt power when key is on)

  21. Hi there,
    Nice info and one of its kind only available.
    I want to know if it is possible to add a device that can play from usb in the head unit using the cd changer port at rear.

  22. Hola tengo un suzuki swift 2006 y no puedo encontrar la caja de fusibles estoy sin radio si alguien me puede ayudar porfa

  23. Thanks for posting this – great help to get me started. I found I could not get my large mits in the drivers side to get the bolt/screw out. I found it better to unscrew the shroud on the steering column…2 front screws and 1 from underside – in deep hole..just pulls off and you can then get your hand right in and on that bolt.

  24. Dear Friends, I own Swift Dezire in India Now I am in USA I want to buy a good audio available in US Pls help me with details the Brand Size Model Specifications Thank you

  25. thank you very much for sharing but i don’t understand what connection did you make exactly.

    in my case i just want to connect an aux jack input, to be able to connect my smartphone or mp3 player. can i just use 3 wires, left, right and mass and connect them to the corresponding pins on the blue connector?

    sorry for being dumb

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