I’m Almost There.

hooray look at my bank account balance

I’ve made good progress with 4 months until my car buying deadline.

As you can see I’m making good progress on my car savings, with €1500 saved in my account. This means I have enough to apply for a loan for €3500 (to make a total of €5000 altogether) however I will keep saving for another month.

This is because I want to have enough money for a year’s worth of car insurance (somewhere around €400) so that I don’t have to worry about insurance payments for 12 months.

I’m still not sure how much a car dealer will take off the price for my Daewoo as a trade-in vehicle. I think the car could be sold for €900, so I would like to be offered somewhere around €500. Car dealers aren’t known for their generosity however, so we’ll see.

I still have 4 months from my April deadline to buy a Suzuki Swift so I can relax a little bit – providing no unexpected bills come up. The good news is that there are currently a lot of Swifts to choose from Slovak car sales sites such as this one.

So at this rate, I’ll apply for a car loan in late January or early February.

You can only see 3.142 of my fingers in that shot.

Additionally, my Raspberry Pi computer arrived, so my dreams of having a fully computerised car are getting closer. :)


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  1. Your site is just great, i recently bought a 2007 Swift GL, and your site was really helpful to have an idea about what to do with my new car.

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