Installing a new reversing camera

Some of you might remember I installed a reversing camera in the car last year and it was working fine until recently.

Suzuki Swift reversing camera

An upside down picture makes reversing very difficult.

For the last few months the camera has been sporadically flipping the image upside down, until recently when it now spends more time upside down than the correct way up. So I bought a new camera off eBay.

Suzuki Swift reversing camera

Getting the old camera out was tricky.

First I had to remove the old camera which was tricky. I eventually pried it out with a screwdriver, but then I was struck with a problem…

Suzuki Swift reversing camera

One of these things is not like the other…

As you can see in the above photo, the reversing camera I ordered from eBay had a much longer base which would look ridiculous on my car so I had to remove the old camera from its base and install the new camera onto it. I used a blob of rubber sealant because the screw holes didn’t match up.

Suzuki Swift reversing camera

I ran the cables to the same place and plugged them in.

The rest was easy as I attached the new cables to the old cables and pulled them through the existing path until they popped through the air vent above, then I connected everything together.

Suzuki Swift reversing camera

Much better!

The new camera is not only the correct way up, but the quality is much better too. Look at the difference in definition between this photo and the first photo on the page.

Now I can reverse with ease again. Phew.

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5 thoughts on “Installing a new reversing camera

  1. Hello,

    First of all thanks for all the documented activities that you have posted. They are awesome.
    Second I’m also Swift owner and I have a small question
    Can you give me some information regarding the model that you have bought? I’m want to buy one, but I’m not sure which to buy.

  2. Hi,..

    I have a Suzuki swift sport,.. And the Pionner AVH-X1600 DVD radio. I instaled a reverse camera. And its working fine. The problem is that the Pionner unit has a pink/white whire to connect when you put the car in reverse. But I do not know where to connect it,…

    Can you please tell me,… Thx,…

    • you have to connect it to the switch of the reverse gear. The same switch/ wire which activates the backup light of your car when you are in reveres. this way the camera is only operated when needed… which is when you are in reveres gear.

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