Installing a Reversing Camera

I finally bought a GPS/DVD/TV combo from eBay and it’s on its way! I can’t wait to install it. In the meantime however, I thought I should get a reversing camera installed.

Suzuki Swift

First step: Take off the plate.

I backed the car into the garage and removed the rear number plate to see what I was dealing with.

Installing a reversing camera

The view from below.

This is what it looks like from low down, looking up. The camera I purchased looked pretty simple to install as it was specially designed to clip into this model of Suzuki Swift, right into the rectangular hole between the number plate lamps.

Reversing Camera

Looks simple so far…

The camera took 5 seconds to install physically, which was great! The actual wiring part however was a whole different story, as you can see below.

Suzuki Swift Installing a Reversing Camera

Argh! How do I hide those cables?

I ended up taking half the back apart trying to find a tidy way to hide the cables, and without making more holes in the car. Cutting holes in the car, combined with salty Slovak roads in winter would be a recipe for rust.

Suzuki Swift Installing a Backing Up Camera

In the end, this vent was my best choice.

After 20 minutes of dismantling and climbing under the car I decided to run the camera wiring through the vent in the back of the car. I then tapped the camera into the ignition power that feeds my amplifier plug already in the boot, which you can see here.

Then I ran an RCA cable (which was supplied with the camera) from the boot (trunk) up to the front behind the stereo, ready to connect into the new GPS/TV stereo when it arrives.

Reversing Camera License Plate

Next problem: The license plate holder won’t fit under the camera.

Unfortunately I had another problem as you can see above. The holder for the number plate wouldn’t fit under the camera, and I didn’t want to add more screw holes into the bumper.

So I got out my soldering iron and gently melted a groove into the plastic number plate holder. That gave me the extra 3 millimetres I needed to fit the plate holder back in.

Štátna poznávacia značka ŠPZ

What a perfect fit!

Now the reversing camera is installed and pre-wired, ready for the TV/GPS unit to arrive. Both the in-dash TV unit have the option to automatically switch on when you put the car in reverse. So no matter what’s on the display, when I put the car in reverse, the backing camera will immediately show on the screen. It sounds like a really cool feature.

Suzuki Swift Mods

The reversing camera installation is tidy and barely noticeable.

The only problem now is that I have to wait for my TV/GPS unit to get to Slovakia from the other side of the world. It’s going to be a long, long three weeks!

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8 thoughts on “Installing a Reversing Camera

  1. Wow, you’re very technically savvy indeed! nice and clean installation. Would be interested to see how TV/GPS lines up once this is in place. Any update on the camera? I note this has been since last year. Cheers :)

  2. Hi, thanks for your report. I’m about to fit the same camera to my 08 Swift Sport, and I’m wondering where you ran the cable from the boot to the front?

    • Hi Steve, I ran the cable along the left side of the car, under the plastic trim pieces at the base of the door frames (between the seat and the door). They unclip, so you can pop them off, run the cables in the gap at the edge of the carpet, and then clip them back into place. Very handy!

  3. Hello

    Is it necessary to connect cable 1 and 2 to the vehicule as per your camera manual in the picture?
    I have installing the same camera in my Suzuki Swift 2009 and the camera doesn’t work.



  4. Hello, I have installed this camera in my swift few days ago.. It was running fine for a month. after heavy rain camera stopped working. I think water damaged the camera. What could be the solution? Do i need to replace camera?

    previous camera is working fine. so seems to be faulty camera issue

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