Replacement Wipers

Admittedly it might seem like a mundane subject to create a blog post about, but today I installed new wipers on the car. If nothing else, I hope this clears up any questions about what size wiper refills to use on a third generation (2005-2010) Suzuki Swift.

Suzuki Swift Windshield Wiper

It was actually really hard to catch the streaking in a photo.

As you can see above, the current windshield wipers were streaking and came with the car when I bought it. God only knows how old they are. I tried cleaning them intently, but I couldn’t make them as good as new, so I bought new ones.

Suzuki Swift Rear Wiper Size

Rear wiper length is 25 cm (almost 10 inches)

I measured all the wipers first, and the rear wiper length came in at 25 centimetres (just under 10 inches), however the rear wiper is still in good condition so I’m not changing it. When I do change it however, I will have to replace just the rubber blade itself, not the entire wiper cradle, as the rear wiper is not a replaceable unit.

Driver's side wiper length: 53 cm (21 inches)

Driver’s side wiper length: 53 cm (21 inches)

The driver’s side wiper length is 53 centimetres (almost exactly 21 inches), although if your local auto shop doesn’t have this size, buying a slightly larger or smaller wiper blade assembly will not be a problem.

The passenger side wiper is 45 cm (almost 18 inches)

The passenger side wiper is 45 cm (almost 18 inches)

The passenger side is smaller, at 45 centimetres long (almost 18 inches). Most auto shops should have this size in stock.

Suzuki Swift - New wiper blades

I bought 45 cm (18 inch) wiper and 55 cm (22 inch) wiper assemblies.

I bought a slightly longer wiper assembly on the driver’s side as they didn’t have the exact replacement size. The actual fitting is easy; just pull off the old assembly from the end of the wiper arm, and clip in the new one.

Suzuki Swift New Windshield Wipers

No more streaking!

All done, and the streaking is completely gone. Now I can actually see when driving in the rain at night.

I hope these measurements make it easy for you to size/buy wipers for your Suzuki Swift in the future.

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2 thoughts on “Replacement Wipers

  1. Thanks for the tip! Those measurements are a big help. I just changed my car’s old wiper, they are creating streaks and making those rubber sounds, not good. Anyhow I bought the 24 inches one, I thought the longer is better than shorter :) Changed the windscreen wipers and then recycle the front to the rear. Actually just cut the old rubber the exact same size with the old rear :)

  2. Goodyear semi-rigid wipers are a good upgrade. I have them fitted to my 2008 Suzuki Swift Sport. They were on special offer in CostCo.

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