It’s amazing what can happen when you stop wasting your money on junk.

I stopped buying loads of rubbish I didn’t need and look what’s happening; my bank account has begun to look nice and healthy after only three months of saving.

I’m aiming to save at least €1500 before I ask the bank for a loan. I think I’ll be able to save that much before April providing no major bills pop up any time soon. That reminds me, I’d better start thinking about buying Christmas presents soon. Uh oh.

So far so good though. At this rate I should be loan-shopping by February but normally as soon as I make grand statements like “Everything’s going according to plan”, something really crappy happens, like I need a €600 dentist bill or something. Touch wood.

I’m going to try and keep the bank balance above €1000 this month but it won’t be easy. I’ve got three weeks until pay day, and my cousin is coming up to Europe from Australia soon too – sightseeing’s not typically a cheap thing to do. How will my meagre savings look in three weeks? We’ll find out soon enough.

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