After two years of great motoring, playing, and learning, I have sold my 2006 Suzuki Swift.

Suzuki Swift

Goodbye, and thanks for the fun!

It’s been a great car, and I’ve learned a lot about car maintenance and repair (and the effects of Slovakia’s roads) over the last few seasons. However, I┬áhave a secret to admit: I have loved electric cars since I was a boy, and I finally got the chance to buy one last week.

Kiwi EV

This isn’t the end; it’s the beginning of something better.

I bought a Peugeot iOn electric car last week, and I absolutely love it. It’s clean, green, reliable, simple, fully-optioned – and most of all – utterly cheap to run.

I’ll be documenting my adventures from here on at, and at that website you can even see how I converted a car to run on electricity back in New Zealand.

Thanks for visiting this site, and I hope to see you over at!

3 thoughts on “SOLD!

  1. Hello, sad to hear this, since I own a 2007 suzuki swift, I have been enjoying reading about your projects and was able to learn a lot as a newby DIYer. Hope you have another great adventure with your new exciting EV. Kia Ora!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I had no idea I had “regulars” coming to this site. My love for tinkering and gadgets hasn’t ended though; merely moved onto more electric pastures. :)

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