Summer Time is Rust Killing Time

After 5 days of cold wind and rain, and with the Danube River flooding, it means most of Slovakia has been hiding indoors waiting for the weather to improve. Now it finally has, so I got a chance to get in the garage and finally fix that surface rust on the Swift.

The tool for the job: Loctite 7505 Super Rost Killer

I bought some Loctite 7505 “Super Rost Killer” which is obviously for the German market, as there were no instructions in English available. My wife speaks German however so she translated the instructions for me.

Kiwi ingenuity strikes again!

I didn’t have any ramps, and there are a lack of good car accessories/parts shops in Bratislava so I had to make my own out of blocks of wood. Safety is important to me, so once the car was parked on top, I shook it as hard as possible by the door frames to check for movement. It didn’t budge thankfully.

Rust under the car on the rear suspension

The rust is not severe, but needs to be fixed.

This photo above shows the surface rust on the rear suspension after 7 years of very salty Slovak roads. It’s not a safety issue yet, and is not cause for concern, but I want to make sure the rust stops here.

More rusty bits to fix.

A lot of the rust is localised in strange places, such as the rear brake lines above, where one particular type of metal is rusted, but all around it is fine.

It goes on white, but thankfully it dries clear.

The “Rost” killer is white and is easy to apply, having the consistency of normal paint. It dries clear on normal surfaces, and it dries black on rust.

Hrdza neutralizačné chráni proti korózii pod autom. Front impact beams suzuki swift.

The rust was bad here. It’s lucky I looked behind the plastic.

Right behind the plastic of the front fender are two metal impact beams which protect the car in the event of an accident. The paint had been peeling off due to rust. To get at these I unbolted the plastic skirt under the car and pried it down while I applied two thick coats.

That should see it through the next winter!

That should fix those impact beams nicely. I’m thinking of applying another two coats next weekend if the weather’s good.

10 minutes after applying, it’s almost completely dry.

If you apply the rust killer in warm & dry weather then it dries remarkably quickly. By the time I’d finished one side, it was almost ready to apply another layer.

Hrdza neutralizačné chráni proti korózii pod autom.

Success! Two coats later, the rust is dead!

The bottle recommends applying another (third) coat after 24 hours, but as you can see after only two coats the results are impressive. I think another coat would be a good idea for extra protection. Otherwise I think it was money well spent and I can recommend the product.

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5 thoughts on “Summer Time is Rust Killing Time

    • Hi Peja, yes it’s an ongoing process. Because of the salted roads, if you want your car to live a long happy life, you must fix the mild rusting every year. Regular washing from new will help greatly though.

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