Its days are numbered.

The mighty 3-cylinder Daewoo in its natural habitat

This is my current car which, although running fine, is… let’s be honest… a Daewoo.

I bought my little 1998 Daewoo Matiz when I first arrived to Slovakia last year, and while it has never failed me, I never intended to keep it for more than a year or so. I quickly needed a car to get around, and this little blue transport solution was only €950.

The problem is, the little Daewoo has it’s vehicle inspection and emissions test coming up in April, and I don’t want to go through the hassle & cost of that when I know I’m going to sell it soon anyway. Also, it has some rust which I (somewhat unsuccessfully) fixed a few weeks ago. My rust repair was good, but my painting skills afterwards were atrocious.

So I have until April (that’s 5 months from now) to get myself a Swift. That’s plenty of time and I plan on buying one well before then. There’s only one small problem: I don’t have any money saved just at the moment. So I’m going to stop spending my cash on junk for a while, and start collecting it instead.

Additionally, while I often love a challenge, saving €5000 in 5 months is pretty impossible on Slovak wages. Therefore I will have no choice but to organise a car loan. The bank looks like a better deal than the car yard at this stage.

Watch this space.

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